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My son James and I


Hi everyone,

I’m Janine, and I offer an array of business and personal services just for you in my gigs.
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Need an easy diet plan? I’m a mom of 2 and a runner. I will show you how to lose that weight and keep it off!


How about some financial worksheets to keep you debt free like I have been?


Need a promo? Cutest baby ever can hold up a sign for you:


Or a Video testimonial or promo?

Need some website content? book or product review? articles? I provide it!



How about a custom made announcement? business card? or some graphic work? Ebook cover?





Thanks guys!



I will film a 100 word video for your website or service for $5

I will create a video to promote your website or product service using YOUR premade script that will be 100 words or less.

I will send a tutorial on how to make a unique FREE ebook cover for $5

You don’t want to spend $100 on a program for one ebook cover, do you?___ I will send you a word document on how to make your own ebook cover using NO software, just online FREE programs.___ No one wants to download extra software to their computer. You shouldn’t have to.___ You can choose your own cover, colors, pictures and more!___ I don’t make your cover, you do, and it will only take you a few minutes. You can make it however YOU want!

I will write a 100 word ORIGINAL review for your blog bogo for $5

I will write you a review of a website/product or whatever you need. Just please be descriptive on what you want. I will write up to 100 words at a time. I will be as descriptive as possible and use pros and cons of your product/website/whatever. RIGHT NOW I WILL DO A BUY ONE GET ONE FREE!