I will give you my unique diet plan to help you get skinny

I am a full time night shift working nurse and mother of two boys, one being only seven months old. __I am back into my prepregnancy jeans and ready for my bikini this summer!__ I posted pics of myself and am willing to share my plan with you!__I’m not going to make you a rock hard abs mom or dad, but a healthy bmi and a healthy lifestyle. The only one to live by, and that most of us CAN live by.


I will make you a high res unique CUSTOM birth announcement for $5

I will make you a unique birth announcement from this template. Just send me which pictures you would like to include.
I take pride in my work and you will be more than happy to share the product when it is complete!
If you would like a total custom announcement or invite it is $20.

I will edit ANY 3 colored pictures to black and white bogo for $5

*****Any picture you need edited to black and white. ___You can see my work on a picture of my husband and I with our newborn son :)___ No adult content please.___ Right now, I Will do a buy one get one deal. BUY 3 GET 3 FREE!!*****

I will send a tutorial on how to make a unique FREE ebook cover for $5

You don’t want to spend $100 on a program for one ebook cover, do you?___ I will send you a word document on how to make your own ebook cover using NO software, just online FREE programs.___ No one wants to download extra software to their computer. You shouldn’t have to.___ You can choose your own cover, colors, pictures and more!___ I don’t make your cover, you do, and it will only take you a few minutes. You can make it however YOU want!

I will write a 100 word ORIGINAL review for your blog bogo for $5

I will write you a review of a website/product or whatever you need. Just please be descriptive on what you want. I will write up to 100 words at a time. I will be as descriptive as possible and use pros and cons of your product/website/whatever. RIGHT NOW I WILL DO A BUY ONE GET ONE FREE!